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Thursday, April 23

Wacom Bring Your Vision To Life

This is my entry to the Wacom Bring Your Vision To Life contest. The theme for this contest is Good vs. Evil.

I chose to work roughly, feeling that the concept which I will further explain a little bit down, is more strongly executed that way.


My take on it is that creation is good and destruction is evil, but it often goes together.  What better good is there than creating something?

Creation through means of a paintbrush is the ultimate 'good' for me. Creativity is my world. I look at everything in life differently ever since I started painting. I see more colours, more light, more sunshine. More hues, more shades.

Evil is when someone tries to take it away from me. Cuts  it into pieces. Stops me from being creative. Literally destroys my world.

Without art, without creativity, I would be nowhere. Good is something you have to create by your own hand, whatever you do... It has to be you.

This painting depicts who I am in a way. It's a little ironic, since I have hardly any function in my left hand. It's the only thing that blocks my creativity, it's my scissors.


If you like this picture I would ask you to support it and leave a comment. This piece is very close to my heart. It depicts who I am. Please don't flame me on it.... If you have a DeviantArt account, please support it here.

Lots of love...

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