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Monday, July 27

UK Trip

For those of you who've been wondering where I've been, I've been on holiday to the UK for a total of nine days. I flew into Manchester Airport on Thursday last week, where I was met by my friend Steve who lives about 20 minutes from the airport in a town called Wilmslow. Wilmslow is a characteristic town in which you find a lot of BMWs, because the general population is quite well off. A lot of famous football players inhabit this town and the neighbouring town called Alderly Edge. Both towns belong to the county Cheshire. Nice and green.

Anyway, on the Friday we (the friend I was on holiday with and I, Steve was working) went into Wilmslow and did some general grocery shopping, so we could make Steve dinner later that night. It's about the least you can do if said person lets you stay in their house for nine days, no charge.

The weekend was spent in a themepark called Alton Towers. I haven't been on many rides because I'm not a big fan of rollercoasters, the G-forces are just not for me. Still, it was a nice weekend with some adventures and a ridiculously bad film on the Saturday night. Don't ever watch The Guardian (unless you're into predictable, sappy stories).

On Monday we went to a city called Chester. Here we visited my friend Tobias, who showed us around the historical city. He told us that Chester is only a city because of the Cathedral. It's a Roman city. You can see the influences clearly in the buildings, most of which seem to have been preserved pretty well. After seeing the sights and having lunch, we went to meet his friends who lived in very typical student accommodation and were on the brink of moving elsewhere. It was a comfortable mess in their place. There we met their lovely snakes and then went to a reptile shop in the neighbouring town called Blacon. Here we saw awesome poisonous frogs, but we were really there (well, Tobias' friends were) to inform about geckos. Once back we hung out at their house again and then (sad) we caught the train back to Wilmslow.

Tuesday was spent in Manchester, shopping gifts for Steve. I bought a Last Shadow Puppets CD for myself, and we met Steve for lunch. The evening was spent watching a good film (No Country For Old Men).

Wednesday we went into London. We came into Euston Station, and grabbed a bus (cheap!) to Victoria Station, which took a long time. From there, we walked to Westminster Abbey. Didn't go in, though, because it was as busy as I've ever seen it (I've been to London four times). We spent the rest of the day just walking around London, instead of going into anything, because we knew we had to get back in time and that that meant loads of time would have to be spent on public transport. Interesting things happened when we got back to Euston Station, because we were invited to sit in first class. This meant free drinks and dinner. Haha.

Thursday I stayed in and my friend went to explore the Peaks. I watched two films (Rockstar and Pulp Fiction) and cleaned up around the house and did loads of napping.

Friday we spent in again, and we baked a Chocolate Swirl Cake, made chocolate and strawberry smoothies and went to the pictures at night to see Harry Potter 6 (second time for me).

Saturday we went into Wilmslow and then hoooommmeee! I was both sad and happy about that.

In other words, I'm back.

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