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Monday, November 1

NaNoWroMo day 1 Met my deadline early

Today was the first official day of NaNoWriMo 2010. It started at midnight and will finish at midnight (duh). Remember how I said I was going to maybe stay up for the start? I did! I guess there is something very exciting about the start of a new project.

So, I wrote for about half an hour after midnight and penned the first 542 words without much trouble. It was interesting to do because I’m still exploring this story as much as the main character Suzie is exploring her surroundings. I love describing surroundings; throw around lush adjectives, imagine little quirky details, it’s my thing. I did however have work today so I had to go to bed at a fairly decent hour. Of course, once in bed, my mind was still buzzing with ideas and excitement, so I didn’t have the best night.

All day, I wanted to write, but I can’t really write a novel during work hours, can I? So, unfortunately, the ideas and inspiration for the story at that point pretty much evaporated. So, had a pleasant day at work mixed with frustration of not being able to work on my story. Of course, my ride home took longer than expected, so all the things I had planned to do before I would start writing again (laundry, laundry folding and other annoying house work things), went out the window. If only I could tell things like laundry not to bother me in November.

I started writing again and soon got to the point where I began to struggle with dialogue. I’m not at all good at dialogue, or rather, the stuff connecting the dialogue to make it flow. I don’t find it particularly fun to write, either, but at least there is the motivation and consolation that after the dialogue, there will be more descriptions, setting of moods and interpretations. A friend of mine is fantastic with dialogue, so maybe I will ask her for help. I did however reach my deadline of 1667 words at 18:34 and have since then surpassed it, which should give me a little breather for tomorrow as I still have a little dialogue to write. If there is any participants reading this, do you write the story chronologically, or do you skip back and forth through scenes and stick then together later? I’m always a bit sketchy about writing ahead as that sets a story so much.


khryz said...

writing that much number of words is indeed quite something but at times when we have read our finished work, its worth it :)

Maartje van Hoorn said...