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Sunday, October 31

NaNoWroMo day -1 Ahhh! Panic!

Today, the day before NaNoWriMo, I planned to be writing a sort of plot or outline… Guess what? I have done… nothing. All day. So much for plotting. I did have some general story ideas when I was in bed last night, but they weren’t all that solid. So, eh, guess I’ll have to wing it.

Oh, before I forget, you can track my wordcount and progress on my NaNoWriMo page. You can also see my wordcount in the sidebar widget. And if you are someone writing for NaNoWriMo, do get in touch, because I have virtually zero writing buddies and I’ve been told that you need a support team to make it through the month.

NaNoWriMo starts at midnight tonight, which is in less than four hours for me! Eek. I may or may not stay up for it, but I’m thinking not. Oh, yes, before I forget: don’t ask me to do anything too time consuming this month because I’ll be busy writing a novel. Wish me luck!


Creative Polyglot said...

Hi from a polyglot who lives in France,loves to write, teach French and learn languages. Found your blog on Blog catalog. It's fanatstique. I will continue to read. J'adore.

Maartje van Hoorn said...

I'm glad x