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Sunday, October 31

NaNoWriMo day -2 The blurb

When I wrote my summary for the day, earlier, I had not yet come up with any good ideas. But sometime later it hit me! I can’t remember what time exactly, or what I was doing when it came to me, so this historic moment (har har) is not marked by an event of significance.

I realised that to be able to write a novel in thirty days, I must not go in with high expectations or complicated plot lines. When I was writing Book of Dreams, which still isn’t finished and I haven’t touched in about a year, I was often met with my imagination throwing me curve balls and screwing up what I initially started plotting. I also found myself struggling with plot holes because I wanted there to be a huge air of mystery, with twists and turns and curve balls. But the problem with that is, if you don’t know exactly how the story goes (in detail), you’ll get lost as much as you want your audience to be.

Anyway, that is why I want to go with a quirky story rather than something fantasy-ish because fantasy, in my opinion, requires a good back story, a defined and extensive world, culture etc etc. I what to focus more on the eccentric characters, the humour and the all-around bashfulness. What do you think?
A young woman wakes up in a house she doesn’t recognise, finding herself attached to all kinds of medical monitors. Once she detaches herself, risking painful death, she walks down the stairs to find herself among a bizarre family, that colourfully informs her that she’s been in a car accident, has been in a coma for two months, she most likely has amnesia, but that they, nice as they are, decided to ‘keep’ her and that they’ve named her Susan, after their late poodle.

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