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Saturday, October 30

NaNoWriMo day -2

It’s Saturday, and the day after tomorrow I start my 30 day race to write a 50.000 word novel. How am I feeling? Horrible. Scared.

Yesterday @domakesaythink introduced me to Ommwriter. It’s a very zen word processing tool that tries to let you be alone with your thoughts. It has audio and backgrounds and video things to keep you from getting distracted, so I will be using that throughout next month. Used it today to try and jot down several story ideas so that I can turn those into semi-plots tomorrow. I’m not very good at plotting so that’s why the word semi gets thrown in.

So far, I hate every single idea that I’ve written down and none of the characters are speaking to me and telling me their stories. Sometimes I wish I were Beatrice Potter and that I would see characters move about. No wonder Peter Rabbit turned out to be awesome. But no, no ideas here. Panic ensues.

I’ve also been thinking about what form I should write in. I think perhaps first-person past tense would help with the main character in terms of them telling me their story, but it might make it more difficult for the other characters and the surroundings to find form.

Maybe I just need to stop worrying. Or look at photos online to see if I can find a story in there somewhere. People watching in real life would be a better idea but the weather sucks and I can’t really go out.

I still haven’t found an iPad to borrow either. Do you have one?

On the bright side, I have found out that in order to write a 50.000 word novel I only have to write 1.667 words a day and that sounds doable. On with the positivity.

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