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Saturday, June 30

Paris Hilton in Jail

Paris Hilton being* bars. Candy bars**? Oh, she wishes. No, Paris Hilton has been released now. I mean, what's the fuss about.
It's been on the news, it's aaaall over the papers. What happened to the important things in life? Like the other day when she was sentenced to doing the jailtime, an article said that Paris thought the judge was 'mean'. True or not, I can't give any less! I want real news, not news about some richkid going to jail. Bah. Showbizz, erlaghh...
Am I too serious? Have I no concept of popularity and how important it and all it's facettes are to our society? Am I blind for entertainment? Are people that owe money generally more important than the 'normal' people?

Meh, showbizz is overrated.

With love (especially to Paris Hilton for having been in jail and now being released),


*behind (don't know how being got there.)

**"Paris, you are behind bars"
"Candybars, daddy?"
"No, Paris, iron bars"
"Oh! Like clubs! Bars!"
"No, Paris, prisonbars"
"Oh, will Elvis come and sing for me? Or is Wentworth Miller going to break me out of here?"

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