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Friday, August 17

Calling all Nerdfighters!

It's about time I give some link-love to two people that thoroughly deserve to have some. Only they don't need it. But they're gonna get it anyway.

If you all want to see something really awesome, check out Brother 2.0. Two brothers, John and Hank, one day decided that they would stop using textual communication and instead posted videos to eachother on each weekday for a year. And they're Nerds, or Nerfighters.

They rock my socks.

I've also decided that I want to become a Nerdfighter. I would be the Books and Blogs Nerdfighter. Because I can't just settle for one of those:

I am a nerdy blogger with books
I am a nerd by means and looks

My life's one big blog entry
And my vocabulary's very complimentry

I read and write no more in Dutch
Because English is cooler by much

I suck as themesong writer
But I'll make a good Nerdfighter

Anyway, go check out them brothers.
Brotherhood 2.0, now also in My Fun Links list.

With love,


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AAA Copywriter said...

Nerds? Never heard of... :D