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Saturday, August 18

Young Talent

Myspace is the new way to get a record label these days, or at least to be heard. Most of the time I discover new bands because people have recommended them, on a forum or a blog.

This time, I have something to recommend myself. Victoria and Georgia are identical twins from the UK and very musically talented. I met them on the Internet a couple years back and they've been my friends ever since.

But, I'm here to talk about their music. Influenced by Evanascence, Keane and Snow Patrol, they write and compose songs that everyone can relate to in someway. Victoria does the vocals and Georgia backs her up, vocally, and on piano, creating beautiful harmonies. They are recording an album which I, for one, am going to buy.

For the increasingly talented twins' music, go to their Myspace

With love,


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AAA Copywriter said...

Indeed I'm impressed, they ARE talented and, in an age of Techo and Hip Hop, it's very pleasant tho hear something different, almost folkish.
Come And Go is my favorite.