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Thursday, August 21

Painting Commissions and Prints

Never thought I'd be posting anything like this, but I fear I have to now.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm now open to take painting commisions, which I can also send you as a print.

I am in desperate need of money to fund my trips to the UK and to fund my future career (as in to buy digital painting material).

What do I paint?

Realistic digital portraits based on photographs, cartoons, and other stuff if you are willing to pay extra for my extra time spent.

How much does it cost?

30 euros for a photorealistic portrait.
20 euros for cartoons.
40 euros for anything special.

extra for prints

small: 15 euros
medium: 25 euros (comes in tube)

(in some cases, depending on painting size)
big: 40 euros (comes in tube)

(this is shipping included)

I can also put things on mugs or tshirts or other things if you want, but I don't know the pricing, so if you want that, just let me know and we'll work it out.

If you want to buy prints of something I've already painted, as a non-commision, you just have to pay the print costs as mentioned above plus 20 euros for my efforts.

For examples go here. The first 8 are the standard I'm at now.

A long shot, I know, but worth a try?

To commission me, send me an e-mail here.

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