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Tuesday, February 3

Eight-to-five Is The Real Deal

Today I started my first day at Mobillion, where I shall be internshipping for the twenty weeks to come. Because I hate to be late, I was half an hour early.

After receiving a nice welcome and a much needed cup of coffee, business was about to commence. Before I arrived today, I knew only vaguely what I would be doing in the twenty weeks ahead of me. After this morning's first cup of coffee and meeting, I knew a little bit more. My fellow intern and I (I am not alone) are going to be responsible for the image-change that the company is looking to get. So, what does this mean in terms of products and tasks?

First, research. In order to change an image, you should know what the current image is. This means looking at the websites, broshures, presentations, products, services and other things Mobillion puts out there. Possibly also things that are put out inside the company. Half of a company's image is likely to have formed from the inside rather than out.

Then, a visual and textual (?) design of what Mobillion wants to be. Of course, part of this has probably got to come from us, because it's easier to be objective if you've not been involved in the company image for too long. Thus, part of the design will probably be what we think Mobillion wants to be and should be.

After design comes the actual production of visual content to illustrate the image. Think showreels, broshures, presentations and so on. This all, of course, should be easily reproduced by someone other than us interns.

Whilst we are doing all this, there are also the school assignments to consider. Annoying, maybe, but necessary in order to validate the quality of my work and everything I've learned in the last four years of studying Communication and Multimedia Design. This internship is part of graduation and thus I have to report about this once every two weeks.

Eight (30) to five are my work hours, five days a week. A bit much for a low-on-energy girl like me, but I'll just have to cope. It's the real deal now!


Hans Mestrum said...

woopie, great to have this opportunity. Success and enjoy!

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Thanks, I need all the good luck I can get.

Geert Veneklaas said...

Go girl !

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Haha, thnx!

Kasper said...

Good luck Maartje!

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Thanks, Kasper!