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Thursday, February 5

Post-Graduation Jitters

It is such a weird concept to me that in less tan six months, I'll graduating as a Bachelor of Communication. I really like going to college, or rather university, as it would probably compare to university in the UK. I feel that I have finally found my swing in the studies I'm doing, but now I'll be through with it in July. But I suppose that is kind of the whole point of university, finding out where you belong in 'the real world'.

I find myself slightly terrified, though, to think of the moment when I won't have to follow classes anymore. I have so many uncertainties that I cannot seem to get rid of. On one hand, I want to do another studies, perhaps some higher form of education, or something that connects to my passions of writing and painting more. On the other hand, I really want to work in a company and make my own money rather than depend on the government to get money. Not just for the money though. Doing my current internship has made me realize how much I like being part of an environment like that. How much fun it is to be around motivated, fun and creative minds and how good it feels to share ideas with them.

Getting a job, on itself, though, is something that makes me very unsure of myself. I mean, I have a disability after all and even though the company that hires me gets a nice bonus from the government, I still find it a frightening prospect. I guess I'm secretly hoping to be asked to work somewhere.

But still, work or study? The way I see it now, I'd rather see if I can get a job and then if I can't, look for an interesting subject to study. Or maybe have some company pay my classes, although given the credit crunch and massive sacking everywhere, I don't see that happening.

Offer me a job please, or an education!

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