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Friday, December 19

Fashionably Late, As Usual

Hopes and Dreams get prosponed, as usual. I promised to start documenting my road to fortune yesterday, but I felt ill, so I'm starting today. About yesterday!

Yesterday I had my last ever class for my current studies. How strange. After this, it's just a graduation project, and then I'm done! I can't seem to get my head around how fast it's gone! Sad thing is that I've just started to feel at home, there, and now I'm leaving.

I've also received another painting request which I will do after I've done one as a gift for someone. I'd also like to remind you about my charity painting. Get in, people! The actual charity event has started this morning and the Dutch government has promised to donate 2.5 million euros if the Dutch population donates at least as much. Financial crisis my arse. Go on, people. Help me donate. Bid for my commission. It'll close on december 23rd.

Christmas holidays have started and I'm pleased to say that I got a little time off, in between of doing work for school, obviously.

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